About Us


tileOrganosi was established in 2010, in Kalamata, Greece, by Chryssa Georgiou, to offer a new and innovative service, Remote Secretarial Support - Remote Personal Assistant services. The company rapidly expanded in Athens and Cyprus, building on the support and trust of its clients who benefited from its secretarial services.

We cover all the needs of a modern secretariat, wherever you may be, in Greece and around the world.   

We always look for new perspectives, upgrade our systems to 4th generation, and seek new co-operations and services.

In doing that, we ensure security for our clients. tileOrganosi is a client-focused company. We believe in traditional, sound, smooth collaborations that go above and beyond a simple, WORKING RELATION. We are bound by law to ensure confidentiality as regards both the calls we handle and the customer base of our clients.